PACE Enterprises
by Mike Martin
November 20th, 2013

Pace Enterprises is a non-profit organization aiding people with disabilities find jobs in the Morgantown area. Pace was awarded the 2013 Greater Morgantown Area Non-Profit of the year. The organization hits home to the state because West Virginia has the highest rate of unemployment for people with disabilities, ages 18 to 64.

“In the work place, all we ask employers to do is give us a shot. I want my workers with disabilities to have the same opportunity to try and succeed or fail that anybody else has,” says Bob Priner, Director of Development at Pace Enterprises.

A large part to the Pace Enterprises program is the Beehive Cafe. The Cafe opened in January in 2010 and helps people with disabilities train for jobs in Hospitality. The Beehive Cafe supplies meals Monday through Friday and cooks lunch for Chamber of Commerce meetings.

Sam Synder, Director of Vocational Services, hires volunteers to assist the people with disabilities in daily activities and job placement.

Synder says, “The rewards are immense here because you see things and you see people grow and perform at levels that as when I was a principle I never thought possible.”

For more information on the Pace Enterprises Program, you can visit their website:

Mountaineer Boys and Girls Club
by Mike Martin
September 25th, 2013

The Mountaineer Boys and Girls Club is a non-profit organization in Morgantown. The Boys and Girls Club focuses on providing recreation and “companionship” to their members. 83 percent of students in the program made honor roll last semester!

“Clubs vary with their objectives. Our bread and butter is academics. Whether it’s intervention or just assistance or putting things together. So, everyday after school our kids come here and work on homework right away,” says, Tom Smith, Mountaineer Boys and Girls Club Program Manager.

The organization was stationed at a run down building on Spruce Street before it moved to a bigger, better and more efficient location, the Old Woodburn Elementary School.

“I know for sure this building is much bigger. It gives the different grade levels their own space to do their homework. I know the other place it was just a big room. Everybody had to do their homework in the same room. You can imagine first graders being in the same room as 12th graders doing homework,” says Volunteer Coordinator Richelle Pugh.

You can learn more about volunteer program on their website, and contact Richelle Pugh at if you are interested.

Super Smash Brothers Tournament
by Mike Martin
October 30th, 2013

On October 26th, Lyon Towers had their fifth annual Super Smash Brothers tournament.  The tournament took place in the Blue and Gold Room in towers, and they expected at least 50 teams (100 players). Tournament Coordinator, and Lyon Tower RA, Charles Richardson, says it’s not just about winning.

“Just having the event. Even if we didn’t win, even if we lost in the first round, just having the event and seeing so many people come out and show their support for our cause,” says Richardson.

The Tournament is raising money for the local Relay for Life. Throughout their 5 years, they have raised nearly 1,000 dollars. WVU Student Nate Bender isn’t sure this is his year but is excited to play in the tournament.

“I don’t think I’m gonna win. But I’ve been playing Smash Brother with my buddy in his basement since we were little kids so it’s nostalgic, and I think I’ll have a good time.”

This tournament raised more than 300 dollars this year, more than a 100 dollar increase from the previous year.